Encouraging companies to apply for and have better success obtaining credit. This is our mission.

InCredi’s approach is unique in the data we analyze, how we analyze it, and the speed at which we deliver understandable comprehensive analysis and predictions along with tools for financial teams to use, all through a simple streamlined process.

Too often, middle-market companies and SMEs are rejected for credit or don’t even bother applying due to outdated and inefficient onboarding and underwriting processes. Underwriting and Monitoring remain unchanged.

That’s where InCredi comes in. We’re here to modernize underwriting and monitoring processes, removing barriers and inefficiencies that prevent companies from accessing the funding they need.

At InCredi, we believe that access to credit and funding should not be limited to a select few. That’s why we’re on a mission to make the process of obtaining credit simpler, faster, and more transparent for overlooked sectors, geographic peripheries, and new entrepreneurs.

Our platform is designed to provide credit facilitators and investors with real-time data, fast and actionable insights. At the same time, companies seeking funding benefit from an easy-to-use and streamlined application process. By creating the right data, asking the right questions, and providing credible insights quickly, we’re paving the way for a more efficient and effective credit system.

InCredi is generating
F.U.E.L for your company

InCredi is generating
F.U.E.L for your company

Our Values

Smart Executors

We think before we act and focus on asking the right question as the key to a smart execution.

Accountable partners

We foster bold decision-making that is future focused and opportunity seeking.


We believe communicating is the key to personal and collective growth. We exercise patience when listening or speaking our minds.

Growth Mindset

We actively seek feedback, learn from our mistakes, and are excited about excelling to our full potential.

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